Chastity for Men Mentoring


Deciding to get involved in chastity for men was something that took me a couple of years to fully consider. I was always intrigued by wearing a cock cage and seeing what it was all about, but I was scared of them at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to wear a cage like that and still feel comfortable with my manliness. The funny thing about it is that I feel manlier now that I am wearing one of these devices than I ever did before finding out what they were all about.


While my exploration into chastity for men was fairly simple in the beginning, mostly looking through websites and things of that nature, I was able to get a bit more evolved in it later on. I actually found a store in town that sold the items I had been looking at online and was able to go in and talk to guys that actually wore them. That helped me a lot in making the decision to join this lifestyle. Being able to get some one on one time with guys that actually wore these devices was absolutely priceless to me. Who better to educate you than someone who is already involved?

If you are looking to get involved in chastity for men, then I would highly recommend finding someone that is involved in it and asking them questions. I found that the guys I spoke with had no issues in answering all of the questions that I had to ask. In fact, they were sharing things with me that I didn’t even think I should be asking them. Over all, that was the deciding factor for me making the choice that I did and they even helped me pick out my first chastity device to wear. It sure was better than just looking at pictures online. Today, I can help other men that want to enter into this lifestyle.


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