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Easing into Mens Chastity


Mens chastity is one of those lifestyle choices that you probably shouldn’t make haphazardly. You need to really pay attention to what you are getting involved in if you want to make sure you are doing the right thing. This isn’t about just locking your cock into a cage and going about your day. It will turn into that at some point in the future but, for the first month or so, you are going to be focusing on a lot of other things in this lifestyle. You have to be prepared to accept the fact that you can’t get an erection.

I got involved in mens chastity because I was tired of my cock always making an appearance into a room in front of me. Constantly having an erection was slowly ruining my life and I needed to find a way to make it stop. I will tell you that it took me a few days to finally get that cage locked in place, though. Every time I tried to put it together, my cock would explode in a bout of anger and inform me that you simply cannot lock up the beast without the beast’s permission.

Even after getting the beast locked up, it still kept trying to assert its manhood by trying the cage to see if it would hold. That was the one aspect of mens chastity that I could have done without, too. The constant pressure against my cock as it would try to break free and take over the world while the cage struggled to keep its sanity and hold it in check was not fun. I was never prepared for any of that and, if my willpower had been less, then I would have given up completely. Thankfully, I stayed with it and wouldn’t let the beast win. But you might not be that lucky if you aren’t prepared so do some research ahead of time.

Researching Chastity for Men


When a man decides that he wants to enter a chastity for men lifestyle, one way to find some excellent information is through the many forums and online communities that can be found on the Internet. Nothing can be better for educating a novice in this lifestyle than the voices of those men who live it, have lived it or are training those men in the lifestyle and all that it entails. The people that are a part of these online communities are very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the chaste life for men and they are more than happy to share all of the information that they have with those seeking to learn more.

Becoming a participant in chastity for men should not be a decision made lightly. It should be made from a well-informed perspective with as much information and as many facts gathered as possible. Too many men decide to just “try it out” for a while when they don’t understand that it’s not like something you just do on the weekends or whenever you feel like it. This is a committed lifestyle for all men that enter it. So that’s one thing to remember up front. If you’re not truly sure that it is for you, then you should do some more research.

People in the chastity for men forums are more than happy to answer your questions and offer advice on certain areas that may have you confused. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask any question you may have. These people have heard it all and you aren’t going to say anything that will shock or amuse them. Instead, they will answer your questions in an honest and straightforward manner so that you can then make your decision based on facts rather than supposition and guesses.



Chastity for Men and other fun gear

Chastity for Men

When it comes to chastity for men there is no reason why you can’t go out and have some fun and still enjoy your device. I know a few guys that wear chastity devices all the time and they never go out or have any kind of fun because they are afraid that someone might find out about their little secret. I find living like that to be disgraceful to some degree. Why would it matter if someone may or may not see you wearing your device? If you enjoy having it on then that is the only thing that should really matter to you.

I have worn plenty of different chastity for men devices in my life and while some of them aren’t capable of being worn out in public without being shown off, there are others that you can safely wear and no one would notice. If you are the social butterfly that you think you are then there is no reason why you can’t put a device on and head out for the night to have some fun. You just have to make sure that you are wearing one that isn’t showing off a bulge you don’t want to share.

I have enjoyed experimenting with chastity for men for a long time and it even makes things more fun for me at times. You just have to put your ego to the side and do whatever you find enjoyable. It’s hard to comprehend for some guys out there but you have to live your life in the moment and stop worrying about what other people may think. There is always going to be someone out there that isn’t going to agree with choices that others make regardless. It may be scary at times but you will learn to live with it soon enough.

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Chastity for Men vs. Bondage

Chastity for Men vs. Bondage

When it comes to chastity for men there are a lot of different devices that you can use. Some of them are used more for the bondage aspect they can bring to the bedroom while others are specifically designed to keep you from getting any kind of an erection. I prefer the ones that keep me from getting an erection over the ones used as bondage equipment. I like wearing my device for the fun of having it on rather than using it as another type of sex toy, although I can understand the appeal in it that way.Emotional_Metal_Master_04

You may think that chastity for men is something that perverts like to participate in over the weekend, but that isn’t exactly true. Sure, there may be some perverts in the world that are sitting around in the nude eating corn flakes and wearing a chastity device, but most of the guys aren’t like that. I, for one, enjoy wearing my device simply to keep from getting an erection while I am out and about in public. I tend to get a lot of erections when I am around strangers and having my device on keeps it from being embarrassing for me.

There are numerous reasons that guys are involved in chastity for men and each of them is usually personal in nature. I have no problems with that but I like to share the fact that I am wearing a device. I don’t shout it out on the corner of the street, but all of my friends know about it and even some of my family members know. I have decided that hiding my love for my chastity device is the wrong thing to do and I am very happy that I have decided to live my life in that manner.